Sunday 18 December 2016

Dream seriously

We live in weird times in which nobody is interested by dreams, nobody remembers dreams, nobody discusses dreams with other people: this can't be healthy.

The consensus of the past and of spontaneous human life (our childhood) is that dreams are sometimes significant - and we have to be aware of them so that when a significant dream does come along, we are ready for it.

Dreams are used for all kinds of purposes - to get past our psychological defences (such as indifference, unbelief, hostility); one part of ourselves telling another part something it needs to know - as a kind of healing or for wise decisions; as a communication between people remote in time, place and state; plus of course as a way that God speaks to us - as he did to Joseph, husband of Mary.

So we need to go against the spirit of our age, and start to attend to our dreams, and those of others.

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