Tuesday 13 December 2016

Warmongers who neither expect, nor want, to win the war

We live in unprecedented times, and it is disorientating for many or most people.

The current warmongers of the International Establishment/ Illuminati/ global conspiracy (I mean the ones who who are demonising Russia and Putin, and to all appearances trying to star World War III with Syria as the excuse) are commonly misunderstood to hope and believe that The West will win this war.

But this is an error - those who are trying to engineer this war don't want or expect to win it, nor do they want to lose the war. They want a war for its opportunities - because war creates fear, hatred and resentment and a desire for (or at least acceptance of) increased surveillance, information control and behavioural manipulation.

Look at the Middle East - The Western leaders created endemic chaos by destabilising one country after another - but ensuring that nobody is allowed to win. They back both Israel and Palestine, and also undermine and criticise both - so that problem festers on and on.

(Oceana is always at war with Eastasia...)

Much the same applies to mass immigration.

I used to think the intention of Western elites was to engineer a takeover by the immigrant population from the native population. But that isn't it - the intention is to create a chronic, escalating but matched conflict - supporting and criticising, subsidising and persecuting both sides - but rendering both sides ineffectual.

Both sides are constrained and kept incapable of victory. Fear, hatred and resentment are stoked on both sides. And all the time (without even addressing, without in any substantive way solving, the actual problems) the Establishment are ramping-up the surveillance, information control and behavioural manipulation...

The aim is a population ruled by some combination of those two great sins: pride and despair - a population which will eventually, en masse, choose its own damnation.