Sunday 15 March 2020

An Anti-Christian world without religion

One of the most persistent, most false, notions is that New Leftism (political correctness, SJWs, Wokeness) is the modern mainstream religion.

Well, it is not; it is an Anti-Christian anti-religion of mere opposition; and this can be seen all around us. The unprecedented insane/ evil reaction to a fake-nothing birdemic and the way that their own enslavement is encouraged and supported by the mass public shows the difference between a God-denying society - and the past, when all societies had a religion.

All people are subject to fear and despair; but when someone has a religion - almost any religion - but for us it must be Christianity (of some kind), so long as it is coherent - fear and despair has limits.

Religion provides a negative-feedback against fear and despair by its larger coherent perspective, its transcendental and supernatural perspective. This is what we lack, and what our culture fights against acknowledging.

Lacking any religion, hating Christianity; we cannot even begin a discussion about how fearful, how despairing people ought to be given the scope and nature of the threat and the unpredictabilities of life.

For our Godless emotivist ('utilitarian') morality: it is All About Feelings, and feelings are 'the bottom line'.

Whoever/ Whatever can (and does) best manipulate feelings - whoever/ whatever is able to create the most-powerful feelings - is master of Modernity.

And that is The Establishment - with its instruments of the mass media, the educational system, and the linked-bureaucracies of officialdom. 

Fear is so powerful a motivator, that (for us, here, in The West) it can be defeated only by genuine Faith. And the Faith of most Western Christians is very-clearly too-feeble for the job.

In a nutshell (and please pay attention!) Christian Faith works by Hope and Love - Hope for Everlasting Resurrected Life in Heaven which comes from the work of Jesus, and is anyone's gift who chooses consciously to accept that gift...

And knowing (from personal, direct, intuitive experience) the reality of God's Love for each of us, and our Love for the person of God-the-creator.

As the mass of people clearly exemplify here and now, Love of people is not really possible without love of and by God.

Without Love of God; people of The West have-become monsters of selfish short-termism, justified by their fear.

With Love of our Loving God, we can know that God's creation (here, now, for me personally) is for our experience and learning - that learning being directed at following Jesus to Heaven ('salvation'), and the eternal life we shall experience in Heaven (theosis).

With this, we get control of fear - fear is dissolved by our Love, sustained by the Hope, derived from Faith.

If not then fear will remain your master; and will lead on to despair.


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Are deeply irreligious people even capable of genuine fear? I certainly wasn’t when I was an atheist. If nothing matters, there’s nothing to worry about. Fear requires that something important be at stake.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm. I would say very c!early Yes.

You would need to examine your own situation in more detail. Did you believe you had anything to fear? Was it the short-term hedonic insensibility of youth? How much residual and habitual FHL.was there from your unusually devout early years?