Friday 13 March 2020

Birdemic bleg

I still can't find any - but does anyone anywhere know any of the stats of corvid serious illness or deaths among people who are:

1. Not Chinese/ East Asian ethnicity
2. Not aged above 70 (or 75, or 80)
3. Not suffering from other significant medical conditions

In other words: are there any counts of mortality relevant to the level of totalitarian take-over and economic suicide in the UK/ Europe/ the US and among the healthy European population of working age, teens and children (i.e. the majority of those who are currently being treated as if at significant and imminent risk of severe illness or death).


1. The birdemic is v.prob. weaponised, and the suppressed evidence is now coming-out from under the official cover-up-blanket. This suggests that lethality to Europeans would be lower. The ethnicity of the mortality stats in Italy, for example, is important to know. I can't find it.

2 & 3. Those above 70 (or, if you prefer, 75, or 80), and with significant other medical conditions; involve those beyond the natural human lifespan, who are always more prone to severe illness and death from all diseases.

And those who are not expected to make a recovery back to normal functionality - so that a 'cure' is not realistically possible.

In general some combination of increasing extreme age and chronic sgnificant illness are in the realm of those who do not, routinely, receive high intensity 'curative' medical treatment ventilation/ life support/ Intensive Therapy if dying of an infection.

The normal proper attitude to the extreme elderly/ multiply-diseased who are dying of infection (such as pneumonia - traditionally termed 'the old man's friend') may well be 'his time has come'. Because to extend life artificially (by heavy use of technology) leads merely to a future of chronic decline, increased suffering; and (eventually) a more painful or miserable death from some other cause.


Bruce Charlton said...

@I - No, thanks.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

La Wik has a graph of mortality rate by age (in China only).

They also have data about mortality rate vis-a-vis various comorbidities (diabetes, heart disease, etc.). Racial data is of course being completely suppressed.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

By the way, I must say I'm pleased that the "birdemic" label is taking off. I believe I can also claim credit for bringing up with word "corvid" several months before the present murder of crows made its debut.

Bruce Charlton said...

@WmJas. Yes indeed - all credit is due to the Tychonievich!

Andrew said...

Annoyed about racial data suppression. All schools closed in my area (US) because of cases, but no info available other than "middle-aged" and some of them had traveled.

Ingemar said...

What I find telling is that the most panicked people are not comparing mortality numbers of other infectious diseases... and if presented with those diseases, the Corvid Adorers respond with insults, accusations and vitriol!

What we are also witnessing is the weaponisation of the Scientific Establishment. It takes a while to retract an article, but the reaction to any data, even wrong, is met with more pleas to Baal, Molech, Dagon, Caesar and Big Brother to extend their tentacles to protect us (from a malady that (possibly) they created). If/when the data is falsified, the tentacles are never loosed.

Sean fowler said...

As far as I can tell there is nothing out there regarding anyone outside of China. Some second hand journalist stuff about The youngest death in Italy being a 55 year old male with serious comorbidity and the vast majority of deaths in Italy occurring in the age range 65 to 90.

Otherwise not a sausage. No scientific papers, no statistical analysis, sound or unsound. Astounding!

Bruce Charlton said...

@Sean - Yet all this information is collected, and known... But not to us.

@ WmJas. wrt Wiki - yes, I'd seen that - but it doesn't answer what I (and everybody else!) needs to know - because it only gives ratios, and does not give the interaction between age and diseases...

What we really need (at *least*) to know is very simple - numbers of young otherwise-healthy (comparing Chinese vs European) people who were: 1. made very ill, and 2. who died - through time.

Sean fowler said...

As things stand in the UK 11 have died, all elderly, in their 60s 70s and 80s. 8 were reported to have underlying health conditions. Whether or not the remaining 3 were previously of good health was not reported. No significant difference in sex. Otherwise nothing!

No that’s right Bruce. We are being kept completely in the dark.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Age distribution of corvid deaths in Italy as of March 11:

14.1% aged 90+
42.2% aged 80-89
32.4% aged 70-79
8.4% aged 60-69
2.8% aged 50-59
0% under 50

"The mean age of those who died in Italy was 81 years and more than two-thirds of these patients had diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or cancer, or were former smokers."

No information on race/ethnicity.

Andrew said...

It is definitely spiritual warfare, with US and EU politicians telling everyone 50-70% of the population will be infected (so panic, fear, etc.) of which we can do nothing but sit at home and presumably Watch TV and continue cycling fear.

Maybe that is possible, but so far it has stopped at infecting a far lower percentage of the population in China and South Korea. Italy is the worst, with a massive elderly population and large Chinese population working the garment industry, at 0.02% of the population infected. Yesterday new cases as a percent were down slightly (17% increase of new cases versus what had been 20-30%).

It may be an over-analysis of limited value data, but predicting something to be a guaranteed 2,500X worse than the worst-case-scenario (with known additional risk factors) is purposeful misinformation. The goal is fear, generated by governments who will propose they can solve the made-up-fear.

stef said...

Somehow the numbers of Chinese citizens present and working the factories in Northern Italy and the travel between the two countries has somehow not been important either.

Otto said...

"What we really need (at *least*) to know is very simple - numbers of young otherwise-healthy (comparing Chinese vs European) people who were: 1. made very ill, and 2. who died - through time."

Nothing about race/ethnicity, but the South Korean CDC has an update with actual numbers (number of persons ill and dead), subdivided by sex and age: (download PDF from

Perhaps a leading indicator: South Korea's cumulative confirmed-infected curve appears to have transitioned from exponential to sigmoidal.