Saturday 21 March 2020

Terry Boardman in 2014 prediciting the 'unmissable global event' that heralds the impending advent of 'Ahriman' as Antichrist

Terry Boardman is always worth watching and reading - for me, he is perhaps the premier Big Picture intellectual in Britain today.

Here he has some very interesting material on the nature of Rudolf Steiner's concept of Ahriman (who he expected to be incarnated and born close to the millennium), and the prophesied global revolution of materialism.

I am skeptical about the literal truth about these predictions and the reasoning behind them (based on numerology and a claimed understanding of the future course of human evolution stretching 1000s of years ahead) - I always read Steiner and his followers through a Romantic Christian filter; however, Steiner was undoubtedly in some ways very gifted at sensing 'what was coming' - and he might well be correct in a general sense, and for different reasons than those explicitly posited.

Thus, here you will find idea that the demon Satan/ Ahriman would be incarnated as a human born near the year 2000. It may be that - taken in a 'soft and flexible' fashion, in terms of the role a person (even if not literall A Demon) plays in the spiritual war or the world - this may turn-out to be broadly correct.

Anyway, we will soon know if a single Antichrist figure emerges as the focus for what is going on - and there is one very obvious candidate millennial baby who is being groomed, and might well be placed in the world leadership position very soon; someone born on 03/01/03.  

I would watch the whole video if I were you - indeed I bought the DVD from which this is excerpted; but for a flavour drop in at 15:00.


Bruce Charlton said...

Interdimensional Spiritualwarrior has left a new comment on your post

"Is all this acting before, preempting, a mini ice age that’s coming? It’s changes and disruptions would weaken the globalist corporate control of everywhere. As, as long as parasite government and Local Councils that squeeze, drain off every last bit of hard earned ... money individuals and businesses earn, but without killing the Golden Goose off entirely. If those parasites would just get out of the way.

"I think local production , local economies, could thrive and prosper. It would be seen and realised by all just how well and different things could be. Globalism and big corporatism industry and regulations and laws and codes and taxes are strangling our earth.

"If a mini ice age is coming, which needn’t be the ‘End of the World’ at all. This neat little sewn up scam will be seriously tested and stressed and weakened.

"Could these astonishing events happening now in 2020 be their Gambit to tighten power and control in anticipation of all this?"

Bruce Charlton said...

@IS - Well, I believe the ultimate cause is spiritual, not material.

Adil said...

Interesting. I think the psychological trick of demonic suggestion is openness combined with contraction of consciousness. I notice in the typical ideologue a sort of thought based dream-state. Instead of participating in the thoughts and imagination, it seems as if they are passively receiving them - like running a script 'in their heads'. So it might be that Lucifer opens up their consciousness to suggestion, which is then contracted by Ahriman. The thoughts themselves has no broader contact with reality, indeed turned away from nature itself. There is no presence.

It is this shut-down of the 'mind' from the 'body' that leads modern man to think he is in control and everything 'outside' of him is random. This gives rise to the compulsion to control, because fear of the hidden and unwillingness to trust the soul.

Prayer, meditation etc is supposed to give room for the mind to communion with the spirit so God can work through the individual, but it is precisely this which moderns deny themselves - so that they are instead worked-with from the outside. They seek to become trapped as long as they know what is going on.

And it is this self-exile that leads to spiritual retardation in comparison to level of knowledge. It is a fear of the spiritual world. Fear of swimming without a life jacket. A fear of going 'off pist' and even considering that life might have meaning..

If there isn't a God or higher self you can think what you want and get away with it as long as no one 'sees' it. So it is a contraction of consciousness from reality, in order to leave the world blind, perhaps so that the almighty State can lit it up with cameras. If God isn't watching us, we might as well Watch ourselves. Safety first!