Monday 23 March 2020

Demonic cleverness is destructive, not creative

We can see all around us, more clearly than for many generations, the extreme cleverness of demonic destructiveness. And They are indeed extremely clever. But they are not creative,

Tolkien understood that when he made Morgoth - his Satan - brilliant at the arts and sceinces of ruination. So long as The One had created something, morgoth could usually ruin it, and turn it to evil purposes. Thus he made orcs from elves, trolls from ents (probably), balrogs from angelic maia and so forth.

But never did Morgoth perform any act of primary creation such as Aule did in co-fashioning the dwarves or Elbereth the Ents  - which would need him to be in harmony with, and thus able to shape, the originative creativity of The One.

The demonic powers have been working relentlessly over the past decades, indeed centuries, to destroy most of that which was overall-good and necessary; and replacing them with ideologies based on resentment and short-termist pleasure-seeking. And now, with a cleverly-timed blow ("coup") they have dealt a wrecking blow at the material basis of survival for the billions of inhabitants of this planet.

Since their aim is that as many as possible will choose damnation; my best guess is that they hope to induce widespread fear and despair (these being sins) - and also encourage a range of other sins as the delicate creative structures collapse and (real!) plagues, famines and wars begin to bite. 

I think they believe that the populations of the world have been reduced to a sufficiently corrupt and depraved level that the reactions to stress will be negative, in this way. In the short term, they are happy to encourage minor or fake virtues such as 'altruism' that they know will collapse like a pack of cards under duress, because based in little more than-virtue signalling and 'niceness'.

However, their scheme may backfire; if many people recognise this situation for what it is - a spiritual war - a great battle between Good and evil; and recognise that a spiritual war takes place in the minds and hearts - but especially the hearts - of individual people, and those they genuinely love; and that this will all be weak, counter-productive and ineffectual unless rooted in the solidity of Love of God and the following of Jesus. 

In other words, in order not to be co-opted to the vast work of destruction and damnation - we need each to be in harmony with the creative love of God. Only you can do this for yourself, and yourself is the place you must start.

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Jared said...

It is indeed sobering to be in these times. The book of Mormon prophet Nephi predicted upheavals in the last days which would wake up some of those who were in the devil's trance. A latter-day apostle termed this 'redemptive turbulence'.
"Their scheme may backfire" Bruce said; when people are confronted with things they know are right or wrong, they often adjust their more secondary choices because they see them in the light of the 'big picture'. And following God's law with more exactness leads to strength.