Sunday 29 March 2020

Living in the present and eternity

CS Lewis once said that we ought to live in the present and eternity; not the past or the future.

This seems to me the best possible advice at present.

We need to live in the present by self-remembering. And in eternity by our Christian faith. 

Of course we will sometimes want or need to think about the past; and it is necessary also to have some kind of framework for the future if we are to understand what things means and how best to respond. But ideally, these should be intermittent and time-limited activities (like the post which follows this one).

For the bulk of our mortal lives, we should be engaged in consciously appreciating the present moment - in the context of our hope of eternal resurrection to dwell in Heaven.

Simple to say, simple to understand - and difficult to do: but that's our task, as Jesus taught again and again through the Gospels.

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