Saturday 21 March 2020

The Antichrist agenda

The Antichrist agenda is working for a wrong overall purpose; a situation in which people’s genuinely-good motivations are being directed towards an evil agenda.

In order to avoid being fooled by Antichrist into supporting the agenda of evil; we need a basic understanding of our situation; which may come from greater discernment: from shaking-off propaganda and programming, and (esepcially) recognising the true identity and motivations of Antichrist, beneath his many pseudo-Good, fake-altrusitic disguises.

(The isn't difficult - although people seldom achieve it. The Holy Ghost offers guidance, as well as our true self. But it only works so long as our assumptions are accurate; which include the assumption that in these times extremely few people in authority - and maybe none at all - should be regarded as honest and well-motivated.)

Or else discernment may come from personal experience and observation of here-and-now actuality by simple people or children; people who are unable to explain-away the obvious by embedding it calulatedly misleading abtract rhetoric.

But the vast majority of people lie in the middle - not discerning enough, and not simple enough. These are they who join the crusade of Antichrist; whereby all their good qualities are harnessed to the sevice of an evil agenda.

Points to consider:

The basic situation is that God is the creator and is also our loving father; regarding each of us as a growing child. The 'unit' of God's creation is therefore the individual Being: i.e. each individual human being. We need to share this divine perspective if we wish to understand our condition and purpose.

Because of the above; each person has what he needs for salvation and to learn from his actual, current experience.

Life is thus an advanture, and an adventure for every person and every day (including this one); and an adventure which God has set-up so we can each 'win'.

...So long as winning is correctly understood in an eternal timeframe. The situation is set up with an orientation towards following Jesus to resurrected life in Heaven. Things don't make sense when explained in other ways. Things can't make sense if we wrongly assume life has some other purpose.

Think eternally; learn temporally; understand in context of the big picture.

And if you don't yet have a big picture of the nature of reality - now is the time to get one.  


Adil said...

There seems to be a basic error in the Western mindset, in which rationalism rules before empiricism. Imagined reality with its closed axioms comes before the actual, verifiable and experienced. The subject is discounted for the object, which in turn becomes an internal projection of the self. In public discourse, this leads to premature conclusions and solipsism. People live in a rationalised social reality, which takes precedence over nature. Nature becomes projected as something "outside" of man. I think this is why people are easily susceptible to ideology and claims about climate doom, despite not experiencing it, or supposed pandemics, before having a clear account. Social Disneyland takes over, and makes people more susceptible to being swayed by third-party abstract claims without weighing it against personal testimony. A sort of rationalistic naiveté, if you will. Blind herd belief overrules the inner personal compass. Justificationism overrules testimony. This must inevitably lead to a suggestible public opinion. It is a pity, because it takes away the ability to enjoy the nature you are busy saving. But why bother even touching nature when you can make it a child-friendly idol - a background for your self-congratulatory altruism?

When Ahriman and Lucifer meet, Antichrist incarnates.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Eric - Thanks for this.