Tuesday 31 March 2020

The Antichrist fools nearly-Everybody

The current crisis and its global response of omni-surveillance and micro-control  - which I believe to be engineered by the personal powers of purposive evil, which we could term demons - is being interpreted by nearly-Everybody as A Good Thing, overall.

Each believes that the crisis is going to be of help in advancing towards his own agenda. Despite that these agendas are ostensibly pointing in all sorts of incompatible, and even opposite directions!

(So far as I can gather) Church-affiliated Christians of many denominations (and - it seems - the other big religions) believe that the world totalitarian takeover is necessary and net-beneficial; so (apparently) do all the (anti-Christian) governments (and opposition parties) of all the nations of the world; so do the (anti-Christian Leftists) in the mainstream mass Media; so do secular right-wingers (including those regarded/labelled as 'extreme' 'alt' and 'nationalist' right-wingers); so do globalist capitalists and the ultra-leftists in small revolutionary parties; so do libertarians and the strong-man centralizers; so do 'climate change' environmentalists; and (HBD) human biodiversity advocates, and feminists, and both pro- and anti-diversity folk; and... well... everybody.

In sum; I have not found any grouping of any size, power or wealth who is opposed to what has happened; all believe it to be Good - and all believe it to be likely to be moving events in a direction that will profit their cause.

That is the extraordinary thing; because (on the face of things) it cannot be true... The response to the current crisis simply cannot be advancing all of these causes, simultaneously.

Of course, all these extremely-various people could simply be making the best of a bad job (making a virtue of necessity - Pollyanna style). They believe the socio-political changes are well-motivated and effective - and pretend (for the sake of minimizing cognitive dissonance) that their own favoured wishes are therefore also 'on the side of history'.

Or they might simply be mistaken - and indeed at least some (or all) of them must be mistaken; but why are they all mistaken at the same time? This sort of thing doesn't happen; or hasn't happened before.

Unless, their 'cause' is not what it seems; unless all of these advocates of universal surveillance and control are not truly mutually-opposed, but are instead covertly united by a cause which is not detectable nor measurable by the usual materialistic criteria.

I mean that the reality is they are united but in a spiritual cause. I mean that all the apparently vehemently opposed major groupings of this world are in reality united by their membership of the same side in the ongoing spiritual war of this world; and all believe that the current crisis will benefit that side.

This has always traditionally been regarded as a feature of the Antichrist: I mean a person or entity whose actually evil-motivated schemes are interpreted by nearly-Everybody (including those who would generally have been regarded as faithful Christians) as Good.

Interesting, yes?

Meanwhile: Stay Safe, Keep Well, and... err (aha!) Be Nice.

(Remember - as Frank Burns said: It's nice to be nice... to the nice.)


William Wildblood said...

If you are not for me, you are against me.

Moonsphere said...

It is said that Lucifer works upon individuals but Ahriman/Satan influences whole groups.

Each passing day it becomes clearer who has "jumped from the roof of the temple" - who has eschewed their own personal discernment and now swims in the sub-conscious murk of the herd. The deafening clamour for ever more punitive State responses, hands stretched out to be shackled, surely indicates a darkening of the consciousness of the vast bulk of the Western populations.

It remains to be seen whether there will be a reaction to all of this. Perhaps when we have all been reduced to penury and starvation, there may finally be an awakening.

Sean fowler said...

Good post. Very timely. Astounding the amount of very bright people who are being fooled by this. One group that stands out who are most definitely in opposition and appear to be at least on some level seeing right through this are my old friends from school days. Bright working class lads who left school with little or nothing, rebels who refused to bow down to authority and refused to be indoctrinated. They aren’t having any of it. I bet there are thousands more out there just like them.

Jacob Gittes said...

My cousin, a wonderful woman and Christian, and I talked on the phone yesterday. She was a bit upset, to say the least (strangely, I haven't been very upset - just observant and of course against all this crap).

Her daughter, and wonderful home-schooling mother of four, was with her children in the park, playing in the fresh air and sun. A neighbor evidently called the police, because the police came and put up take cordoning off the park.
That's right - fresh air and sunlight are evil! You must get your UV rays from the TV screen that is incessantly pouring evil into your poor spirit. No sunshine for you!

It will be an interesting, darker world. The natural world and rural America will still be out there. That is where I am going. Even the small towns are ruined by this.

Bruce Charlton said...

@I - Sorry but I don't link to social media.

@Moons - "Lucifer works upon individuals but Ahriman/Satan influences whole groups."

I hadn't come across that idea, but it makes sense. As you know, I read Steiner in my own selective way - but his idea of the (deceptive, difficult to discern) nature of Ahrimanic evil is something I find invaluable in these times.

The Ahrimanic Antichrist is perhaps best understood as something more like an abstract system of governance than a person.

Having said that; I fully expect to see a famous c. millenial-born (17yrold) teen being placed as the figurehead of the (soon coming) fake-front 'world government'; perhaps within the next few weeks; albeit that I don't believe in the predicted specifci demonic incarnation of Ahriman in the way Steiner stated it. What happens may well amount to the same thing.

However, the extra 5 billion people in the world compared with Steiner's era makes a qualitative difference to many things now - since all this surplus depends-upon The System, which depends on (relatively few individuals in) The West. It means there is no safe route forward, materially speaking all options are catastrophic.

But when this becomes undeniably apparent - I mean the failure of materialism; it ought-to make it clearer that the primary issue (here, now and for eternity) is spiritual.

Ranger said...

For what it's worth, paleo-libertarians are not falling for it, though they do seem to think this is just one more of the State's old tricks, when it obviously seems to be more than that.