Tuesday 17 March 2020

The Global Establishment really do intend to collapse the world economy. It is happening Now

A post at Frank Berger's blog helped me make one of those connections about the birdemic crisis that ought to have been obvious much earlier, but wasn't:

This was helpful in making a connection for me. It has been apparent for a year or two, that the Climate Change people were pushing for changes that would - if implemented - crash the world economy*; with (I think) the predictable result of 'Giga-Death' - that is, death measured in billions. From their perspective, this makes a kind of sense - a 'final ecological solution' sort of sense.

But I wondered why the Global Establishment were allowing and encouraging this line of thinking, when They are made up of the ultra-rich of world finance, multinational corps and media, major politicians and the like. It would seem that They will lose a great deal from such a policy. Yet there it was - that was what was being pushed...

For a long time, therefore; I refused to believe that They really wanted what They were asking for, what They were planning for - I mean the dismantling of the System of international trade and specialisation of manufacture and services that sustains the 7 billion and still growing world population.

I would not take this at face value: would not believe that They really wanted what They said They wanted... I assumed that They did not really want a collapse; but that They were pretending to want one in order to make money from the situation (e.g. by selling fake-sustainable technologies) or for some devious reason.

So, I think this is serious. The aimed-at collapse is real. The world economy is a bubble built on debt and being eroded by all sorts of leftist policies; so it was bound to collapse at some point - that was absolutely certain.

Given that fact, the question for the Global Establishment was when best to provoke the collapse for maximum benefit (to those in charge).

For whatever reason; I think They must have decided that Now is the time.

By They I therefore mean specifically the actual demonic powers - who (of course!) care nothing for the rich and powerful human people They have working for Them/ enslaved or possessed by Them.

This is how we can have a situation of deliberately-induced socio-economic collapse that overall massively harms the power, wealth and status of the humans of the Global Establishment (who are the ones triggering the collapse) - because the humans are operating under the possession/ influence/ orders of supernatural and immortal demonic spirits (and spirits care nothing for economics, naturally).   

Maybe They have been rushed into it by the opportunity of the birdemic? Maybe that is an opportunity for us? But They had clearly been thinking along these lines for a good while, so perhaps Now is the best possible time for a collapse, from their demonic angle?

So, They have initiated Phase 2. If I am correct and this is true, it can't be stopped - because They have the power to make the world economy collapse - and indeed this is probably not difficult.

(It is very indeed difficult to build complex high-tech machinery, but simply throwing sand into the works will break it.) 

What would be much more difficult is keeping things growing for another decade - keeping the population growing, feeding all those new people; in face of all the leftist policies that are always make things less and less effective and efficient.

So I think it likely that this is a serious attempt to provoke a genuine, irreversible, global collapse in production and trade.

If so, it will become apparent soon enough - we won't be unsure about it for long.

But if this time has been chosen for the inevitable (sooner or later) collapse by demonic powers, it will be because the population are considered to be ripe and ready for mass self-damnation.

Indeed, Christians may be tempted to rejoice at the incipient collapse of The System; because it really is is a system of evil; adapted for the damnation of souls. Yet, motivation is crucial, and bad motivations always come back to bite.

If The System is brought down by such motivations as selfish terror, we can be pretty sure that the outcome will be very different from, and much worse, than if the system had been dismantled because it was recognised as evil as the consequence of a genuine Romantic Christian revival**. 

So, as Christians, this is the situation we need to deal with personally and immediately - and we also have a duty to deal with the situation from an evangelical perspective.

We personally need Spiritual Preparedness; and we need also to consider how best to help others to repent and be saved; to reject materialistic terror and despair, and instead spiritually embrace Faith, Hope and Love. 

We can't rely on fear (eg. of Hell); because people already fear the birdemic about as much as is possible, and will do so more - I expect.

Therefore, I think we need to focus on the hope and joy of Jesus's gift. Nothing can match Christianity for this! - so long as we choose to emphasise the promise of life everlasting in Heaven on the very 'easy terms' of following Jesus (i.e. the Fourth Gospel perspective).

NOTE ADDED: For even more good news about the birdemic; see Comment 18/3/20 14:46 below.

*I mean such plans as for Western nations to be 'carbon neutral', to use only 'renewable' sources of energy, make all transport electric "by 2030" and the rest of it - such as exponding the virtues of eating bugs and simultaneously of not eating (non-bug) meat.

**Frank's colleague who talked of 'doing the right thing for the wrong reasons' was making a semi-correct distinction - in a way he probably would not acknowledge. In fact - in an ultimate and absolute sense - there is No Such Thing as doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. If you do something for the wrong reasons, it is spiritually wrong; and that wrongness will become evident - because there is 'an economy of evil'. Doing something for the wrong reasons is to permeate the world with more evil, and this will unavoidably have a detrimental effect on the world. And the opposite is also true. So the world system is a mechanism of evil; but when the world system collapses the reason and motivation for that collapse will affect its outcome. Only if the collapse was for spiritually Good reasons, would the outcome be good. But we need to note that I am talking about spiritual outcomes - not material outcomes. It may be that all possible material outcomes involve massive levels of physical suffering and death. The distinction is over whether the ultimate post-mortem and eternal outcome is good or evil. The lesson is to ensure that your response to the collapse of The System (whatever it is) is for the right reasons.  


David Earle said...

Here is a little anecdote for your Tuesday morning: "They" is the devil. And he is called "they" because he is a transsexual.

Bruce Charlton said...

@i - Well, he's a spirit person, and (by my Mormon theology) even as spirits people are either a man or a woman, and that can't change. On the other hand, what he may *say* he is, as Father of Lies, is a different matter!

Francis Berger said...

The complete suspension of nearly all activity at the 'real' world level of the economy has the potential to make this meltdown we're facing a particularly vicious one. Small, independent companies and family-run businesses at the ground level might not be able to survive another couple of weeks of virus lockdown mode. And this ground level freeze is global! We really must stop and think about that for a moment. That didn't happen in 2008/2009. Sure, many people suffered, but you could still go on vacation or go out for dinner in the evening. Not now.

For its part, the System appears to be engaged in the same sort of action it took during the 2008/2009 crisis - credit expansion, debt creation, and money printing. Interestingly, these efforts have fizzled so far. But even if they do work, even if the Establishment does manage to re-inflate its overvalued asset bubbles, will it be willing to bail out the smaller businesses and family businesses that are currently being crushed, not just in one or two countries, but the world over? Probably not.

I'm no economist, but I suspect government and central bank measures to save the System will fail this time around.

The Establishment has always valued money over people, but they are currently pulling a grand moral inversion. Crashing the economy will be their way of showing the world that they actually value people more than money.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - My impression is different. The official organs of The System - Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, the Economist - are either covering-up the certainty of an impossible to reverse collapse in The System... Or else they have become so crazed by lying to themselves (as well as everyone else) that they can no longer perceive the obvious.

The deliberate destruction of the world economy is accelerating, daily. As the vast numbers of dead bodies relentlessly *fail* to pile-up; the pretence that this has anything at all to do with stopping the birdemic has gone from flimsy to insane (preventing peple from walking around out of doors, even in the countryside, for a disease spread only by physical contact!) - there is no logic or proportion.

As I said - this is a deliberate destruction; apparently planned for a while, but being implemented for the expedient reason of the corvids.

The main destruction is aimed at men's souls. We must love Big Brother even as he engineers our slaughter - indeed we must demand than he slaughter us and then thank him when he does. Only thus will we be damned. And apparently, so far, this plan is proceeding without hitch.

What will be will be. But the least we can do is to recognise malign intent when we see it and feel it.

Francis Berger said...

@ Bruce - Yes, I agree that it is deliberate. I have referred to it as sabotage myself. But what really makes it malevolent for me its totality right from the get-go. They aren't waiting for banks to fail or loans to go bad to harm small businesses - they're choking them off right at the beginning. Think of the hardship these small/family businesses are already facing - most of them will be belly up long before the really major stuff hits.

Trying times are coming - even for those who understand that soul damnation is the other side's end game. Which is why what you said a couple of days ago is so vitally important. How should we deal with this? The answer is with hope, faith, and love.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Frank - I had an interesting and helpful conversation today with commenter David. We realised that the situation is actually unique for each person, and that we must each resist the pressure to regard ourselves as just part of mass statistics. Whatever happens to us individually (and the people we love) will be a very specific situation, with specific challenges and outcomes. We both felt that when extreme or crucial situations arise, as they surely will; we will be given what support we need and the clarity to understand what we need to do *next* - so long as we are alert and open to these matters and retain faith and trust. Long term planning is unlikely to be relevant, and the information is not available - the most important thing is to be aware of our actual, current situation. I pointed out Pastor Richard Wurmbrand's point that when it comes to God's personal love and concern for us, we need confident faith and not doubt. Never doubt - it is corrosive: it kills. Many things may be doubted with some benefit, but not that.

Francis Berger said...

@ Bruce - That sounds like it was a good conversation.

Nathaniel Kolokowski said...

As I understand it, the establishment is trying to avoid the overwhelming of medical systems that would occur if huge numbers of dying old people were thrust on them in a *very short period of time.* The virus does seem to have the potential to make such a situation happen, so it's not clear to me that what the establishment is doing is completely insane. Huge numbers of old people dying all at once wouldn't be without a lot of other consequences as well. That really seems to be the concern--a large number of deaths per unit time.

Bruce Charlton said...

Apparently *None* of those who went onto ITU/ ventilators (in disease 'epicentre' Cremona, nr Milan, Lombardy - at least) has survived.


My point is that what is presented as bad news is actually good news.

This means that ITU/ ventilation is completely ineffective, therefore *unneccessary*.

Hence no problem about the corvids, except for the very low (and localised) mortality rate, overwhelmingly restricted to the very old and already ill (plus, maybe, a few extra East Asians).

We in The West aren't going to 'run out of' intensive medical facilites, since they make No Difference At All to survival. Those with severe disease (very old, multiple pathologies) should be kept comfortable (good palliative care) as was and ought-to-be.

So we can all relax and dismantle all the pseudo-precautions and undo all the newly-grabbed totalitarian powers... Ha!

The thing is - even if deaths were ten times, a hundred times higher than reported - it is still trivial; just normal (in the kinds of people who are dying fom or with the birdemic).

What seems to be happening (I infer) is that old sick people get pneumonia and die of it. That has been and still is the normal way for people to die, it happens to millions a day, at home, in residential homes, in hospitals...; and compared to most alternatives, it is a good death.

But currently if they have the birdemic; such people are put into isolation, intensive therapy and ventilated. They die anyway, a while later.

However, this is a bad death, all round - especially for friends and relations.

So - with the birdemic terror, we have replaced natural good deaths that do not get reported; with artificial bad deaths that get (selectively) reported all over the world.

That's all.