Tuesday 19 January 2021

"Artificial Intelligence" and "Sustainable" technologies are just money laundering

Untold trillions of dollars are being extracted from tax-payers and poured-into projects that claim to be developing forms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) such as driverless cars and robotics; and 'sustainable' technologies such as bicycle lanes, wind turbines (subsidy-generating mills) and solar panels.

None of them work. None ever will work. They are not intended to work.  

From an engineering perspective these are futile non-solutions to non-problems; and there is nothing more that needs to be said. Don't be duped into arguing the technologies: they are not serious - they are not even intended to work. 

But the real function is to create sufficiently-plausible excuses for channeling massive resources into Establishment funds. (Some small proportion being invested in constructing Potemkin devices illustrated by fake videos pretending to show breakthroughs.)

AI and Green-Tech are merely a rationale for coercive confiscation of enormous amounts of money from productive working people, for use in funding The System. 

'Nuff said.


David Earle said...

I suspect the billions of dollars that were funneled out of Western counties last year to go towards "developing a vaccine" was also blatant laundering.

Wade said...

In a way, it's a relief to read this. The thought that all the AI and robotics videos are real is actually more terrifying to me than the idea that we are simply being ruled by criminals. That we are being ruled by criminals is obvious either way, however.

Something odd is afoot on the global stage and it became apparent in 2020 like never before. As a result, conspiracy theories are proliferating (much of it is centered around the so-called Agenda 21 and Great Reset). Much of this sounds very plausible and there is some evidence directly from the horse's mouth --the World Economic Forum-- regarding what their earthly goals actually are. However, what the conspiracy theories all have in common is the assumption of extreme competence of the perpetrators, whoever "they" are, and the assumption that "they" already control every politician, all monied institutions, and nearly every conceivable news outlet on the planet in order for them to proceed with their designs. I frequently ponder how realistic something like that actually is. I simply do not know the answer.

It's a comforting thought that maybe these people aren't really as capable as popularly assumed. Maybe some of these theories are even hype created by the criminals themselves to make us shake in our boots and tremble before them.

Josh said...

I’m surrounded by billions of dollars in examples. Giant, disgusting wind mills - ‘donated’ by Obama - that do nothing but kill birds & remind our sub-conscious of the Prince of Air. While I do believe energy can be harnessed in healthier ways, the government will not be the catalyst. Likely needs to happen on an organic, individual level, per usual.

Freddy Martini said...

Hey Bruce,

You are exactly correct. I worked in some of these fields for over a decade as a hard core technical expert. We saw many companies get grants from the government, then blow the money over a year or two. Other times, the companies got injections of cash from “entrepreneurs” from foreign countries (outside the Occident) on the order of 50 to 100 million plus dollars at a time, and blow the money within a year or two. We who worked for the company, and were oblivious, just thought this was the name of the game: take a risk, and we either win or lose based upon market conditions. However, this was completely false, I found out after I dug into the numbers over a period of a few years. There were several electric car companies that went bankrupt trying their case in the market: GE and other large corporations lost tons of money in that market back as far as the 1990s. Then, a little over 10 years ago, we saw this company called “T____” skyrocket from nowhere and seemingly become a “successful” electric car company, that has, oddly enough, never gone bankrupt - yet. However, if you look at their financial statements submitted to the SEC, you find they NEVER turned a profit - just like all the other electric car companies in history. Now, how can they still be in business and never turn a profit over a 10 plus year period? Well, they have injections of cash from dark unknown sources and “stock” money like IPOs, and people bidding up the stock. But, I challenge any of your genius audience to look at the numbers: NO PROFITS EVER. This is the same story with all the other similar “green” businesses. Even large companies that invest in these things as side projects are doing it just to get the tax breaks, and immediately after the tax incentives are gone, they sell off all their assets, because renewables as a viable energy source is just nonsense. (And, we can guess that some is indeed laundered) So, we get to your point. Where does all this money come from, and where does it go? The only plausible explanation is money laundering. It could be as easy as launching an IPO, then splitting up a pile of money (a billion or so) into, say, 1000 pieces, invest these 1000 pieces under 1000 different “investors” in stock, then this money moves into the company, then the goods purchased and sold can be marked up, say, 1000%, and voila, you have money laundering on an unimaginable scale to normal people. And, you will never find out because the schemes are so esoteric, and so few people know about the technology, that it is the perfect crime. All the pubic sees is nice equipment of a “failed” company, that just, you know, sells off its assets in bankruptcy. You can probably use the same laundering model - with modifications - in the vaccine industry, the medical device industry, etc. I suspect the main function of the public stock exchanges is money laundering.

Anonymous said...

Not only are these technologies useless, but most of them emit pulsed wireless signals that cause arrhythmias and other effects in some people (and animals)...because of course our use of energy has to be monitored like every other aspect of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget muh quantum computing


Ingemar said...

I feel the same way about disease research.

When I was in academic science, our topics according to our in-group was proteomic assembly, G-protein coupled receptors and enzyme kinetics. But what actually was funded was HIV, cancer and cancer (respectively).

The Birdemic is yet another avenue of academic money laundering.

Jacob Gittes said...

So true.
I've seen videos of SpaceX launches, and during the CGI-looking video, you can see what appears to be a little mouse running around the rocket cone. Amazing. Most people simply can't conceive of the fact that much of what they see on screens is fake. Literally fake. It's the "big lie" that a particular historical figure talked about (but which is misunderstood to be him bragging about the big lie).
Anyway, I've been skeptical of AI forever. Code is written by people, who have to encode it. They can only encode what they know. They can make it really complex, but in the end, it's just wiring and electricity. No soul.
But lots of diversion of money into scams to fund the Beast.