Monday 11 January 2021

Christianity is (properly) neither this worldly, nor un-worldly (and these are both snares)

To reject the unworldly - and to assume (because it is an assumption: a metaphysical assumption, for which 'evidence' is irrelevant) that this-world is the only reality; is the modern, mainstream basis of all public discourse. 

This-worldliness, as we can observe, is a recipe for fear, resentment and despair; because all that is of-this-world alone is subject to 'entropy'; by which I mean that all worldly things are evanescent, prone to degeneration, corruption, disease; and finally destruction and death.  

But to reject the worldly, to regard it as wholly an illusion (maya) or a fake (the Matrix); and to be wholly un-worldly - is to deny any possible purpose or meaning to our mortal earthly lives. 

This leads towards the conviction that this mortal life is futile (or a punishment); and the desire never-to-have-been-born; and to a death-wish - since only in the other-world can there be happiness, escape from suffering, and permanence. 

In practice - the un-worldly tend either to seek death or to behave expediently in this mortal earthly life. Since, for them, everything is false and evil they cannot have any real basis for discernment between Good and evil in this world; between truth and lies, between beauty and horror, between virtue and sin... to them all is, alike, a temporary illusion.  

Christianity is something different. Christianity is Not, however, a 'middle way' between worldly and unworldly - that is an error, with (as of 2020) spiritually lethal consequences.  

Instead Christianity is properly a qualitatively different way: that recognizes the validity and necessity of earthly, mortal life; since such a life was chosen by Jesus. 

Christianity also recognizes the necessity of death; since that is the path to the other-world of resurrection, immortality and Heaven. 

So, Christians should neither be worldly, nor un-worldly; but should look for the consequences of their oft-suffering and always change-full worldly lives, in the joy and permanence of the next-world of Heaven; into which they will follow Jesus. 



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Bruce, just thank you. Denise

Jacob Gittes said...

Thank you, Bruce, for caring enough about maintaining contact to prepare for such an eventuality.
Strange things are going on in the USA.
Even on a personal level, I was talking to a friend who is a lefty and atheist/Buddhist type, and I seemed to trigger a literal demon in him by doubting the mainstream narrative on the capitol protest.
It was uncanny - as though I had awakened a different creature within him. Very odd. I'd have been frightened a few years ago, but now I recognize such demonic influences even in myself, and am able to handle them.
God bless you and all the readers here.