Wednesday 27 January 2021

The Answer (whatever it is) is neither simple nor straightforward; but to be effective, would need to be massively disruptive

Everyone is pointing-at this broken world - Everyone is doing it including the Global Establishment who actually broke it and who make sure it keeps breaking! 

This is a neat trick practiced by those on the side of evil and against God: David Icke calls it Problem-Reaction-Solution - 'They' create a problem, use Their control of bureaucracies and media to evoke a massive social reaction, then impose Their fake-solution - their 'answer' (for which the problem and reaction were in truth just an excuse). 

That, pretty much, summarizes the entirety of local/ national/ international 'government' here and now. 

But if the answers of the Global Establishment are evil-seeking, then what is is the Real Answer to the problems we see everywhere? 

It is only a partial Answer is that we should stop creating fake-problems and exaggerating them. Even if this was done, there remain many serious problems in the world. 

Even if this was a world of Peace, Prosperity and Comfort, then the real problems would remain unaddressed - because that is merely 'materialism' and leaves-out the spiritual and the divine. 

A 'PPC'-world would still be (and this is the main problem) a world of misery, degeneration, disease and death; and without the spiritual and divine it must be a world of alienation; a purposeless world of of meaninglessness, and transient illusion. 

There can be no material answer to spiritual and religious problems - and this fact used to be widely understood, as recently as the middle 1970s it was mainstream. 

But in context of rapid Christian apostasy, and the materialism and bureaucracy of existent Christianity; this led to a futile hope of salvation in environmentalism, the arts, and utopian social arrangements. 

When (by the late 1970s, early 1980s) it became obvious that these hopes had failed, the West refocused on materialism with a new zeal. 

The difficulty is that (as of 2021) people are apparently no longer capable of discerning what are the real problems, and indeed incapable of basic common sense reasoning. 

The mass of Men are now, by strict definitions, insane - living (by choice) in a manipulated world of delusional abstractions, and aggressively unwilling to awaken or to think. 

From such Men as we have become; we can expect No effective and Good social or political Answers. 

This means that (here and now) we cannot even imagine what the right Answers would be

But we can recognize that our problems run so deep - into Men's very thought-processes, their basic assumptions about reality, their deep habits and reflexes - that any effective answer must be extremely 'radical': must cut very deep, at the roots. 

And therefore than the real, true and Good answer to the broken world must be massively disruptive

Massive disruption really seems unavoidable. The Global Establishment is telling-us, explicitly, that our lives already have been and will continue to be transformed in ways that are indeed staggeringly radical and disruptive. 

The genuine choice is then between a massive disruption led by the powers of evil and aiming at evil; and one that is a consequence of the spiritual and religious Christian transformation of Men - who will then (only after such a positive transformation) develop a strong and courageous commitment to the side of God. 

What would happen then (after spiritual and religious transformation) cannot be predicted; certainly it cannot be planned - because the Answer is not political. 

Politics will only lead us down, further towards that hell-on-earth envisaged, planned, implemented and already well-advanced by the Global Establishment. 

Our actual situation and what we need to do are therefore very clear and very simple. 

What is neither clear nor simple is to predict what will happen as a consequence... that is not only unknown but unknowable. 

We are therefore required (if we wish to avoid hell-on-earth - which evaluation seems rare) to step into the future with courage, hope and love - sustained only by faith.     

Since (from where we now are) this worldly consequences are certain to be adverse; such a faith must be other-wordly (post-mortal) - based upon knowledge of the resurrected life to come from following Jesus. 

And this we will not get from any of the main 'Christian' churches as they Now are, but must develop - substantially each for himself; from our own resources and direct divine guidance. 

This is absolutely possible and attainable for every individual - but only if he wants it

And there is the problem. Someone who wants salvation can be helped to attain it by many and effective means - but for the masses who do not want the gift of resurrected eternal life in Heaven... nothing can be done. 


Doktor Jeep said...

If nothing can be done for the masses, then why figure them into any equation regarding the disruption of hell on earth?

Bruce Charlton said...

@DJ - I don't understand what you mean - what equation would this be? How can hell be disrupted (when it already is maximum disruption)?

Francis Berger said...

This is a very helpful post. The following is mere conjecture on my part, roughly based on some ideas I've picked up from Berdyaev and some Romantics. As you say, I think a mass Christian awakening would have to begin with the acceptance of salvation. This would certainly begin a much needed transformation, but this transformation would land us roughly back at the same point we were around 1750 or so.

A collective return to salvation would certainly change the world, but the real massive disruption will occur when Christians realize that salvation, though utterly necessary, does not mark the completion of Christian religious life; that salvation actually lays the groundwork for the full expression of Christian life via creativity, which may be the Answer. Creativity will require a whole new level of courage and daring.

Like you, I don't know what this Answer will look like, or when it will occur, but as you state, it will positively disrupt the world as few things ever have. I find a great deal of comfort in the idea that conditions for such a potential Answer may very well be forming at the present time.

steve said...

"They' create a problem, use Their control of bureaucracies and media to evoke a massive social reaction, then impose Their fake-solution - their 'answer' (for which the problem and reaction were in truth just an excuse)."

Like the pick and roll in a basketball game, you see this play executed over and over. And their answer is always the same-servility is security.