Saturday 9 January 2021

The spiritual war, and the material war, in the USA

There is, of course, a relationship between the spiritual and the material - they are aspects of creation; they are distinguishable but not divisible. 

The spiritual came first, includes the material, and is primary; but the resurrection demonstrates that the material is vital to God's plan of salvation and theosis

Thus earthly material events may be a visible manifestation of larger and underlying spiritual movements and conflicts.


From the global demonic coup of early 2020, the spiritual has been rapidly and very-completely excluded from public discourse. 

But - for those who discern the primacy of the spirit - there has been a convergence of the spiritual war with the material

That is why the 2020 Litmus Tests - which discern 'merely' on the basis of political opinions - are also extremely effective tools of spiritual discernment.  

The conflict over the US election is apparently the last, and most decisive, of these Litmus Tests. 


Things have 'come to a point' - institutions and discourse have converged onto a single, official-bureaucratic-media permitted and supported, ideology. 

This ideology is characterised by foundational and systemic untruthfulness about 'facts'; and accelerating value-inversion in concepts - hence is easily identifiable to Christians as a product of Satan (the father of lies).

Whole value systems (for God, creation and The Good - or against these) are separating, further and further, with less and less overlap

Therefore; there are now many material correlates of spiritual allegiance; and the correlation is a consequence of the material being a consequence of the spiritual. 

This is why I regard the current political events of the USA as being (more and more evidently, as days go by) a focused and key instance of the spiritual war of mankind. 

Since the middle of the 19th century, the USA have become the Christian and spiritual focus of Man - taking over from Britain, and as a development of the British spirit. It is not an accident that the US president identifies with his British descent. 

America has been, for about 200 years, the main arena of creative and renewing Christian developments - most notably the Mormons; but also Christian Science, Seventh Day Adventists, Southern Baptists, Pentecostals - and the many varieties of Evangelicals. 

Despite that all the major churches have now collapsed (willingly, mostly), and Christian church leaders have taken the wrong (i.e. demonic) side in the current spiritual war (as evidenced by failing one/ more/ all of the Litmus Tests); this historical perspective demonstrates why the US is the place for what seems to be the decisive, and perhaps even final, material battle between Good and evil.


This is a battle for the material aspect of the spiritual - a battle about whether the material world is to be a part of the spiritual - or whether the material world will be cut-off altogether (and, it is planned, irrevocably) from the divine.  

All other parts of the world (certainly Britain) have surrendered to the powers of darkness without a fight, indeed without any significant resistance of any kind. 

But the US has not surrendered; and - indeed - for the past weeks seems to be in the grip of a massive (probably tens of millions) awakening and clarification - which is increasingly and explicitly Christian; which has had the usual observable effect of faith: which is an increase of courage and cohesion. 

I have a hunch that - in these End Times - God's choice concerning the fate of the world has been delayed because of this positive development; which is perhaps the first sign of significant spiritual resurgence in The West, in Christendom, after several decades of accelerating decline and corruption.


The events of the US, although we cannot know them in detail, seem more and more obviously to be the decisive spiritual crux of our time; and for a long time.  

And, although the proximate battle is being fought by US Christians; the fate of the world is at stake - precisely because the sides are so clearly differentiated, and (over the past weeks and days) have reached a greater degree of conscious awareness of what is at stake.

Those on the side of evil, are more and more aware of exactly what it is they are fighting for; more and more aware of the depth and degree of lying, distortion, and intimidation being used. 

The evil side are increasingly composed of the bribed and the blackmailed, the terrorized and the psychopathic - of traitors and oath-breakers. 


That this evil side is a 'secret combination', a 'conspiracy' is firstly a daily-fact to the hundreds of thousands of people who have-been and are actively participating in wholesale and expanding lying on a scale never before seen on earth

Each of these manyfold individuals knows the sinful nature of his own motivations for doing such devil's work. 

And on the other side - that side fighting for Good* - all this get clearer and more evident; and they increasingly realise the vast scope of what is truly at stake in this local and specific battle.


To be precise: the current local battle over US election fraud is the material focus of the much-wider spiritual war over the future of the world. 

The material focus is not everything - and the true scope of that focus may not be exactly what we think; yet it is indeed the focus; and the outcome will - in some way or another - be decisive.

For whatever reason; the USA, Now is where It Is Happening - where it is being-decided; and the election is the proximate issue about-which it is happening.

This situation is broadly analogous to Frodo, Sam and Gollum in the cracks of doom; when the rest of the world holds its breath, and many strands of fate and choice wind-together to a decisive conclusion.

We who are not directly involved are, nonetheless, needed; in our prayers, meditations and Good Will - since (as Christians know) Men are not ultimately divided; and are in fact spiritually linked. 

(That is (of course) exactly what is at issue in this battle. Spiritual 'back-up' materially assists those engaged in the material fight.)


A final reckoning? Yes, in this war. 

Decisive? Indeed. 

Yet, not, of course a final conclusion - since life goes-on; one way or another, somewhere or other...     


Note: The above was written after reading John C Wright's wonderful and inspiring meditation on this subject, which was linked by WmJas Tychonievich. (In passing, JCW's writing is, in itself, further evidence from this past year of the spiritual vitality that remains among members of the Roman Catholic Church; to set against the treachery of its leadership.)

*Note. It is absolutely vital to recognise that the sides of Good and evil are Not composed of what are usually termed 'Good people' and 'Bad People'; nor even of better and worse people. The essence of the two sides concerns whether a person gives their allegiance to Good (i.e. to God and creation); or joins the 'evil' side which opposes The Good (God and creation)

It is about there being only two sides, and a person's choice of which side he identifies-with. Matters of individual behaviour are a separate issue; so that some (or perhaps most) of the people on the side of evil will be better behaved, 'nicer' people than some (or perhaps most) of those on the side of Good. However, over time, those on the evil side will certainly become corrupted by their primary choice - as is currently very evident indeed.   


Gary Bleasdale said...

I think that the positive or negative outcome of the current battle is not to be sought on the level of how mass-happenings or public events end up transpiring, but on a personal/familial level, and is determined by how men act considering what is happening around them.

And this, for every man and woman in the world, not just for Americans.

(Even if, naturally, America was the torch bearer of the spirit of Christ in these times. I am not sure that is the case any longer… in fact, this destruction of what people consider America might be necessary so that the Spirit of Christ may return to the home of every Christian, as part of the evolution of the consciousness of man, and not to a specific country or land, a configuration which belongs to the “old” world).

In other words, we must not think that the material or spiritual future of mankind is tied to whether Trump serves again or not, whether there is a mass awakening or not, or whether American Patriots manage to “drain the swamp” or anything else of that nature.

In fact, I think that more than ever before, we are moving away from that type of configuration (where a specific land or specific people or specific institutions are responsible for the spiritual evolution of very large numbers of people) and that the future will be increasingly decided by the thoughts, actions and decisions of mostly anonymous, small, local people, and this tendency will continue to grow and grow.

Of course, the events of the past few days are a sharpening of the events of the past year, which are themselves a sharpening of the events and decisions of the previous decades. And this sharpening has certainly reached an almost inconceivable crescendo.

Of course, I think there is a clear sensation among the spiritually sensitive, that the world “has changed”, that today´s world is in some decisive way different to yesterday´s world.

I do not, however, think that we should pin our hopes on what is happening in the US, nor do I think that the “fate of the world” is in the hands of what americans are doing. If anything, I think that that USED TO BE the case, but precisely the new world we are now entering is one where that is no longer the case.

Stephen Macdonald said...

Here's a brave comedian who will soon be completely censored, or worse.

There's an odd synergy between Bruce's philosophical insights and JPs dark humor.

Enjoy JP (and other like him) while you still can:

Avalon John said...

Being in the US this is an apt and chilling read, but like everything of late, it's timely and bolsters my courage and faith. We cannot thank you enough DR.

Things are surreal here, evil is as unmasked as it ever has been and more people than I naively thought are praising it and calling for more.

The one way every patriot can make a difference is to Pray. I have a few friends and family members that do not believe. I was weak in confronting their quasi to full blown atheism. This is a perfect time to make final appeals to them to turn to God.

Bruce Charlton said...

@GB - I feel, more and more strongly, that what is happening in the US matters to everyone. In exactly what way, I don't know - but I'm sure it is of general and extreme significance.

@Nova - Yes, that chap does good satire.

@AJ - Pray - and I would also say to 'think' about these vital matters with clarity and strength from our real and divine self. I believe that such thinking is absolutely real, and becomes part of God's creation.

If we think clearly on a subject then (in some way - and I don't mean morphic resonance, but something much more 'interpersonal') this understanding becomes available to others of the same alignment and attuned to these matters.

Faculty X said...

Loved Mr. Wright's write-up.

My intuition also holds me back from saying it's over.

In my view recent events from COVID to the USA election show the Hand of God. Less need for faith, perhaps no need, just watch what unfolds. That doesn't mean it's going to go the way of what any one individual or group wants.

I think what is missing is the lack of a ground of being, a foundation for transformation.

Matias F. said...

The material war seems to be for the integrity of the System, or what its proponents would call liberal democracy. Your three previous litmus tests seem to be the culmination of a long development. The System has been environmentalist, anti-racist and healthist (remember cholesterol, AIDS and such nonsense?) since the 1960's. To pass the litmus tests requires to question the fundamentals of liberal democracy. The events in 2020 showed that the System is total, that it can create both the input and the output, at least for a short period. The election's in the USA show that the System does not have to accept negative feedback. And therefore, there is no corrective mechanism for the System's excesses.

The result of this is that as the System is more and more 'self-containing', creating its own reality, it is ever more in risk of a catastrophic collapse. If the end game is, as you predict, Sorathic destruction, preventing any corrective feedback to the System is essential in attaining this goal. Any part of the System which is able to take corrective feedback from the real world is much more resilient.