Thursday 21 January 2021

Nothing has changed - what am I waiting for?

Considering that I keep advocating an explicit dependence on intuition, the 'thinking of the heart' I suppose that I should not be too surprised to discover that despite the evil-accelerating potential of 'recent political events in the USA' - my feeling is that nothing has changed


This is not a matter of politics, but of the spirit. We can all choose to participate consciously in the spirit of Man; and I am pretty sure that there has been no change there; and also that grounds for spiritual optimism remain, as before - although I cannot be any more precise about how or why.

In other words, I feel that the window of opportunity for the powers of Good remains open (as of this time of writing). 

God has arranged things through 2020 such that some large number of people have found themselves in the best situation when they may chose to 'awaken'; to recognize evil, to become aware of the reality of Good - and to make a choice. 

(God can lead a Man to the water of life  - but cannot make him drink.)

In addition; I believe (over the past weeks, and largely thanks to ?President DT) significant numbers of people have become clearly aware of the two sides in earth's ongoing spiritual war. 

Significant numbers (I think) have chosen to take the side of God.

This means that henceforth these people will become able to discern the presence and activities of evil - and will reject the moral authority of bureaucracy and the media - and will be able to discern the pervasive evil-directed dishonesty of The System. 

It is hard to keep ahold of the solid fact that a single soul who accepts Jesus's gift of eternal life will outlast all the nations of the earth and the earth itself. 

What is good in this earth is that which is in-harmony-with life everlasting; which enhances and contributes to that eternal world. 

Whatever happens from here; there already has been a great opportunity for Good over recent weeks. 

God, with the aid of some men, has been able to do a lot. 

If most people have failed to grasp that opportunity, but have instead doubled-down on their support for the demons, hardened their hearts, and moved further away from repentance; that is their own responsibility, and the inevitable consequences of actively-rejecting salvation will fall upon them.

It is always thus. 

The more clearly that we are able to perceive Good and evil, the clearer and larger the distinction between them -- the clearer then is the choice between them; and the stronger will be the personal commitment to whatever is chosen

Those on the side of Good are now more strongly Good; but also vice versa.   


R.J.Cavazos said...

A bit of levity you may enjoy..

Dr. Mabuse said...

I think you're right about having passed a turning point, and seeing a new landscape before us. Over the past few months, I've been extremely anxious, tormented by fears of horrible catastrophe. Very recently, though, a feeling of calm has come over me. Maybe I just wore myself out with horror stories, and I can certainly experience spasms of outrage and anger over when I read of evil incidents. But overall, I have that feeling that something has been decided, and a lot of uncertainty is now behind me.

Unfortunately, there are losses involved, as I've come to the conclusion that my sister is now firmly on the side of evil. Ever since 2016 our relationship has had a certain fragility, as we tacitly agreed to avoid discussions of politics. But in the last year, something more began to trouble me. We live far apart, and communicate by email and telephone. In addition to swapping funny cat videos, we recommend books and movies to each other, and I gradually found that her taste was moving over into what I can only describe as frankly ugly. I'd wonder why she was sending me pictures of insane modern architecture, garish mid-century art or movies featuring depraved relationships. Like Miss Crawford in 'Mansfield Park', even good stuff seemed to have a dash of evil in it.

My timidity and fear of provoking an angry reaction made me strain to find something to praise in these tainted art works, with the result that our relationship wasn't really very honest. For all I know, she disliked my recommendations to her in the same way. The Epiphany Protests in Washington DC must have provoked a surge of rage in her, as she's sent me to Coventry since then. But whereas 5 years ago this left me very regretful, now I am unusually content with the break. It had to happen, and the sort of dishonest facades we both projected these past few years couldn't bear the weight of this unveiling.

Clinging Deplorably to His Cross said...

" ... she's sent me to Coventry since then."

better than being sent to the cornfield, eh? that fate may await us yet.