Saturday 23 January 2021

The last leader has gone - what now?

It now seems that the 'moment' has passed, and President Trump's courage failed at the last. 

But I feel grateful for what was done by DT to expose the depth and breadth of evil, in those weeks after the election, and while his courage survived. Very few Men would have done as much. 

And, in consequence, I believe that many tens of millions in the USA had their eyes opened and their hearts convinced of an important reality, during that time. 

A leader can march on ahead, intending to inspire and en-courage support - but unless supporters fall-in behind, then he will simply be walking to his doom. 

If too many hang-back from joining the march - then the leader will look around and find himself isolated inside enemy territory. 

And if DT's courage failed - then, more importantly, so did the courage of the mass of American-dwelling people and of many more people around the world. 

These have failed to take personal responsibility even seriously to consider the vast evidence of vast fraud. They would not look evil in the face when evil was so Big and so very Bad. They would not sustain the Man who tried to hard, for so long, to expose the lies. 

Theirs is a far greater and more significant failure than that of a leader who did not see-things-through.

Others would not discern and act to recognize and support (spiritually) a leader who had bravely risen to respond to perhaps the largest and most blatant evil-motivated conspiracy in history. Too many people feared to 'make a fool of themselves' by backing a flawed leader; they hung-back mistrustfully, waited to see how things turned-out. 

Too many feared to back a losing cause; feared to end-up on the losing side. They lapsed into an affected world-weary cynicism. 

And, of course, by so doing (and by communicating their view and arguing for it) they made defeat certain; passively aided the triumph of evil; and now find themselves arguing that the triumph of evil was maybe, 'for the best', after all... 

In other words, those who failed to discern the spiritual dimension of Trump's weeks-long refusal to submit to fraud; excusing themselves by dishonestly affecting an unworldly detachment (while nonetheless holding and expressing political opinions); have - by their lack of spiritual courage - themselves taken steps towards surrender-to, and embrace-of, the dominant global evil agenda.  

I seem to sense there will be no more leaders: Trump was the last. 

We now know that the world does not want to be rescued from the clutches of Satan; and when a chance comes to follow a leader away from those clutches, the world (for many and various reasons) chose not to follow. Chose indeed to ignore, mock and fight their would-be liberator. 

So now Christians are now each alone, without a real church, and opposed by all the institutions of the world and all the leadership-class (among whom there are no longer any 'leaders'); and this fact must be faced. 

And must means must, because if reality is not faced, but is eluded and denied, then we will fall ever-deeper into evil - by following fake-leaders who serve evil. 

One against the world sounds like impossible odds, but that would be nonsense given that we all are (if we choose - albeit few do so choose) eternal beings; already children of God the creator (ourselves creating-gods in part, and in miniature).

So, "one against the world" actually means One Immortal God against a world of temporary and squabbling, spiteful little devils. 

They can certainly make life nasty, while we inhabit Their territory - but They cannot win unless we choose to allow them to win. 

We are all equipped (if we seek it - a Big 'if') with inner divine guidance, and with the possibility of guidance from the Holy Ghost. 

God creates our lives (you life, mine, everybody's), moment-by-moment; such that there are always possibilities for choosing salvation, and for learning from life's experiences in ways that will be of everlasting benefit. 

This has not changed and will not change - except for those who choose to change it for them-selves.  

The world did not take what was probably the last chance of triggering a counter-revolution against the successful 2020 Satanic coup. 

We are now living in Satan's world, staffed by Satan's willing and devoted servants, and it is exceedingly unlikely that anyone with significant power or influence is again going to try and help us in the slightest degree. 

By rejecting Trump we have made any further optimistic developments much less likely. Even if such a person arises again, he will be a lesser Man, with fewer possibilities, in a more-corrupt world. He will be even-more ignored, ridiculed and opposed than was DT. 

OK, fine; life just got a lot simpler, a lot clearer. 

Since group strategy is off-the-map, we need not consider it further. 

We can legitimately concentrate, and thereby increase the strength of, our scope of activity and aspiration; and the measure of our success will be directly apparent to our-selves.



Bruce Charlton said...

Jacques has left a comment:

"If too many hang-back from joining the march - then the leader will look around and find himself isolated inside enemy territory."


If you want to say that Trump is a "leader" in some symbolic or metaphysical sense that might be true. But in terms of his behavior while in office he was not a leader. Millions of ordinary people wanted to help and support him. And they did, sometimes at great personal cost. He had no plan, nothing to offer them, and didn't even care--or so it seems--what might happen to them. They were just human resources to be squandered in his narcissistic quest. It's wrong to blame them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@J - Trump failed at the end, and did not finish what he began.

But *you* are saying that Trump did not do what you wanted him to do as a leader therefore he did nothing.

Nonetheless he did do what he actually did - which was Not to concede the obviously fraudulent election and instead marshall and present a great mass of evidence of the fraud, and disseminate it.

And then, by contrast, it was possible for anybody to see that the entirety of the global establishment (including the entire mainstream media) united to deny that there was any evidence at all.

This showed he depth, scale, power and evil of the global establishment: it identified the members of this conspiracy - i.e. all the major institutions of every type. If there ever was any doubt of this before, there is no doubt now.

This was a very considerable and valuable achievement.

You are also misreading what I said about who is to blame - read it again.

Jacques said...

No, I'm not saying that he did nothing. I agree that he achieved something very important (though I'm not sure about his intentions). What I'm saying is that a true and good leader doesn't rile up the little people, lead them into battle against Sauron, then go home and condemn his own followers after the fact. That is disgusting, cowardly and treasonous behavior. This isn't just "what I wanted him to do" but rather a basic necessary condition for any kind of leadership. He could have exposed the depth of the global conspiracy without involving all of these hapless little people who will now suffer horribly while he plays golf, and when he could have helped them.

It's too bad you didn't post the first half of my comment, which makes it more clear what I'm saying.

Jacob Gittes said...

Thank for this essay.
DJT was a flawed man, but as you point out so well, only flawed men and non-nice men are likely to be Christian or brave these days.
We don't know what happened in the last week, or what was going on behind the scenes.
I'll be eternally grateful to DJT for daring to blare the truth in the face of brutal ridicule and abuse. That alone is a lasting achievement.
I feel that all is not lost yet. Something is going on behind the scenes that is not quite normal, even after the installation of a usurper with the military in a wall of guns around the imperial capital.

I have observed that the left and Democrats and Biden supporters are strangely not very happy. Is that simply because those who choose evil can never be happy, or is it something more? There's a strange lassitude and depressive air about them and the whole nation.

Hari Seldon said...

@BC Thank you, I agree. Trump did indeed perform a tremendous service through his courageous actions post-election.

Unfortunately, the entire establishment is stacked with cowards, liars and weasels who refused to hear, investigate and/or act upon the fraud. This includes the spineless Republican-dominated legislatures in the battleground states that both allowed mass mail-in voting to proceed and then falsely certified the corrupt and bogus results, despite having plenary power to decide how the presidential electors are appointed.

This also includes corrupt state officials, governors, courts (all the way up to the Supreme Court), federal law enforcement, and, finally, Congress, which declined its duty to contest the election certification. It goes without saying that the media did its part by lying nonstop. So did the corporations and industry associations that felt the need to issue statements condemning Trump and defending our "democracy" despite this having nothing to do with their business.

In other words, with some honorable and limited exceptions, every individual in positions of institutional power and influence, from both parties, went along with and supported the fraud either actively or passively. The system failed comprehensively, because the people running it are not interested in the truth or willing to make even minor sacrifices to defend it.

Could Trump have acted more effectively? Perhaps. During his tenure he made horrible personnel decisions that ultimately weakened his position. But in the final analysis, everyone was against him except the tens of millions of patriots *without* any kind of institutional power they could have wielded to effect a different result. I have heard that Trump should have "crossed the Rubicon" and made himself Imperator, ruling with an iron fist - but he is not that kind of man, and how would he do that? With what army?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jake - I know what you mean. There will perhaps be some tens of millions of mostly productive and hard working, patriotic Americans who now know the colossal fraud and conspiracy that is in-place and ruling the US, and the world. This will have consequences - whether these are political I don't know; but spiritual consequences for sure.

One aspect may be a transition within the alliance of evil - between the Ahrimanic bureaucratic evil that wants a world of expert technocrats ruling a world of omni-surveillance and micro-control; and the emerging Sorathic evil of sheer delight in chaos and destruction which is obvious from the (ahem) quality of people being installed in the new administration: people of near zero intelligence and competence who are primarily characterized by seething resentment and venomous spite.

(Sorathic evil goes far beyond identity politics, which it breaks down and destroys by unleashing and amplifying mutual hatred and internal mutual exploitation.)

But the Ahrimanic leftist folks are on a slippery slope which is irresistible without repentance. In the past weeks they have doubled down on their collusive lying to such an extent that the only repentance would be so costly for them, in worldly terms, that it is a powerful deterrent.

Bruce Charlton said...

@HS - A deeply-courageous Christian leader would have gone down without yielding and explicitly stating his faith (if it came to that), something like the last Emperor of Constantinople in battle, or Charles I of England by execution; and thereby become a martyr.

That did not happen, obviously - although I thought at one point it might. Maybe the choice was closer than we think? Certainly, we cannot extrapolate back from that failure to assume it always was inevitable, when so much was achieved (at such personal cost) in the lead-up.

But either way, I'm not inclined either to excuse or to blame Trump; but this did mean that he failed the test of greatness.

Of course, the West has done almost nothing in the past couple of generations to 'expect' or to 'deserve' great leadership; but either way, we should assume that none will be forthcoming, and proceed accordingly; remembering always that this is a spiritual war and politics will not be good until there has been a spiritual revival.

The ultimate reason for Trump's failure-in-the-end was that neither he, nor the mass of his supporters, was clear and explicit about this. Nobody sane would risk their life to defend something as intrinsically evil as 'fair democratic voting'. To be against the side of lies is certainly good, but it is not enough.

To motivate there must be a positive - Christian - aim, and that requires a *prior* spiritual awakening. Only this will lead to the courage that makes a movement effective and underpinned by the love that makes it good.

John Irwin said...

Trump always spoke of the evil of the Left and his comments only added weight to what a large number of us already knew about the satanic agendas of every person and institution from the highest to the lowest levels of society and government that embraces the Progressive movement. They are the devil's children within and without, even if they are not aware of it, refuse to believe it or simply deny it. We know them by their fruits.

Now the Left is running things and it is a rapidly coalescing conglomeration of hate filled individuals and various resources that is already pressing hard for retaliation against anyone who supports Christian or conservative causes and/or who speaks, writes or comments on any social media, against any of their platforms. From your neighbor next door to the IRS, if you stand for Christian or simple righteous living that does not nod to and obey the dogma and edicts you are the enemy. We don't know what is coming but we can count it a certainty that 'something' is coming and it is aimed at us because we are now officially 'bad machines'.

It's an unhappy thought to think that God, who insists that He loves us and that He controls all things, has permitted the emergence and the triumph of these rabble, even if their success is temporary in God's timeline if, even such a thing does exist.

Those of us who love and trust Him know, and He knows that we know (very well), how the various fascists and communists regimes, worldwide, have ground the lives and souls of men and women into unspeakable horror and in the scheme of it all, I personally have a very difficult time equating God's love with the rise of these regimes that history has convicted for the murder of millions. And then, to possibly take it a step further, how in the world did America become this contorted thing that is now appears to be.

I love the Lord with all of my heart, what little I actually know about Him and I think the thing that bothers me, maybe the most, is that He has not returned to this planet to level the thing like He says He's going to do. I know some very fine people on this planet who I believe, deserve the absolute best that God could offer or provide, but the majority of us are anything but so and as a Christian I'll be quick to state that if He would return I'd happily die with these Philistines if that event would crush all of this evil and send it to Hell where it belongs in the First Place.

Bruce Charlton said...

@JI - I'm guessing you are an adherent of some version of orthodox theology (God omnipotent and omniscient, creatino ex nihilo, strict Trinitarian monotheism etc)? If so, I cannot help you - because I cannot make sense out of those metaphysical assumptions. I cannot square omni-potence/ -science with freedom.

On the other hand if you set aside those snares, perhaps by reading the Fourth Gospel ('John') as if it was your best and most authoritative source (as I did -, maybe you can break into the simplicity and beauty of following Jesus in an individual, personal, conscious and chosen fashion; with The Family as the primary 'literal-metaphor' for God's relationship with Men.

Maybe you can look at William Arkle's ideas, or Mormon ideas about getting to know God the creator as our loving Father (or parents), we his literal children - and what this means.

From such a basis I can see that this world is well designed for what it sets out to achieve, which is always at the level of the individual. We need to set aside abstractions if we can, and work from what we know and experience, and with a circle of those we love enough to know - not assuming we can know the 'why' of things remote, reported, statistical and indirect.

We Can know 'why', but only for our-selves and those we love. And by this we can know directly and intuitively why God does what he does --- but not in a planetary and theoretical way; because that is merely the sum of individual choices and of God's individual love and concern.

Avalon John said...

I just thank God for giving us Trump. Even if he ultimately failed in his final months the president did unmask an awful lot of evil over four years and woke many Christians up in his final months. Maybe with the new alt-medias I'm simply in an echo chamber (I don't think I am), but I see more pronouncements of faith, more calls for prayer and more Christians reinforcing each other than I ever have in my 50ish years. In that respect President Trump and God have won. They cast nets nets and hauled in the faithful. The fight, a spiritual battle against evil unmasked is ours now.

As you wrote a couple of weeks ago, I still feel like a calm glowing (hopefully brightly) orb in a vault of darkness. Though conflict and confrontation with that evil is upon us, I feel a peace and calmness (which if you knew me, you'd know was quite atypical...).

Avro G said...

I think in 2016 it was supposed to be Hillary vs Jeb Bush. Then Trump barged in with the money and the overpowering personality to stomp all over Jeb. (For this alone he deserves a monument) His main role has always been to be Not-A - not the global mafia’s pre-picked stooge. Or at least he offered a lightning rod for the millions desperate for any alternative. Along the way he made multiple references to, “our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” and appeared at the March for Life, things no other politician today would do. In 2016 he rallied the disaffected and scattered remnant of America-as-a-nation that had forgotten to see itself as such. Now we know. So Trump is out. We are still here. Here is a link to a picture of the criminals that hijacked our country. Especially note The expression on Nadler’s face. That’s how they look at us.

Bruce Charlton said...

OK guys, let's leave off these discussions about what should/ might have been in a political-military sense.

This is a Christian blog, primarily. And from a Christian perspective there will not be a *good* result from political change unless/ until it is explicitly and primarily Christian.

After all, *people* on the various sides are all mixed in terms of good and evil, and neither is, overall, obviously superior - it is only as sides in a spiritual war (the war of those with God, versus those against God) where there is a clear distinction.


Also (and I have said this before), those who are commenting under shield of pseudonyms about Trump's failure of courage (which is a fact I don't dispute), should reflect on the contrasting fact of their own attempted concealment of identity.

For me it does not 'play well' for a pseudonymous commenters (here or elsewhere) to be urging other to exposed acts of heroism - it is the kind of thing that agents provocateurs do.

John Irwin said...


Thanks for the reply. I started thinking about your first sentence, in re my theology and all I can say is that I don't know much but I started my journey toward the Lord from being an atheist at my worst and a Deist, on my best day. It took a lot of convincing, a lot of prayer and a lot of years for me to even really believe in the concept of a loving God and especially the idea of being able to enjoy a 'personal relationship' with Him but I am there; most of the time. Problem for me is that knowing that the Lord is real and that Jesus is Lord, doesn't seem to me like possessing much of a foundation of useable knowledge going forward. Even the devils believe, they say.

I've read much of C.S. Lewis and I've heard a lot of doctrine from the Charismatic side, along with strict and more liberal Assemblies of God, Methodists and Southern Baptists and don't know that I can truthfully say what influences my thinking. My own family upbringing was pretty chaotic due to a manic-depressive mother and a somewhat peripherally involved by usually detached authoritarian father and I didn't actually realize it until later in my life that I disconnected from them in a spiritual/friendship/familial way around the age of 14 or 15 and began to try to navigate my daily life out from under the punishments for my screwups. My own personal behavior was what I'd refer to now as ADHD and in the 50s and 60s no one knew anything about that or other child psychologies that are used today.

As you might expect I did not relate well to the idea of 'father' or loving family so it was difficult for me, when I began trying to become a Christian, to envision God as loving, personal, caring or as a father who encapsulated all of the foregoing. Prayer is a powerful force and I know that now but a confused and moderately battered kid needs personal assistance and relief from my soul was not found there.

So, after mindlessly bouncing along the bottom for 30 years I went through some travail that led me to the Lord 40 years ago and the road from 1981 to present has not been easy. My upbringing demanded that I be cautious and to think for myself to find the best and least punitive way to navigate the pitfalls of this human zoo and I've done fine. I enjoyed a successful career, raised a pack of girls and got them educated and they are fine. Marriage is solid and all was pretty fine in retirement until 2020.

In my own way of thinking about God, I admit that I love Him and want to be a faithful son, but at the same time, I think that most of the time I see Him in much the same light as my own father and the reason for that is that nothing in my life or in my Christian experience has given me any evidence (not proof, I don't need that) that He is anything but peripherally involved and detached with us as individuals. My comments above seem to indicate, now that I'm thinking about it, that I'm probably waiting, maybe even anxious, for His promised punitive side to emerge; looking for a response, any response, from Him.

Regarding Mormons, I think they are a cult that is most appealing because of its family relationship foundation but I'll look into William Arkle, who I've never heard of.

Your interest or consideration that Lazarus is or might actually be the author of the Gospel of John is interesting and it was that article that led me to find you in this worldwide web. Actually, I just tripped on a rock and there you were.

I had never thought Lazarus beyond his resurrection and you make good common sense when you discuss it but do you not think, after all of the work and discovery that has been done and all that has been previously written in the ages that have passed, that the idea that Jesus was actually married to Mary Mag, is a bit of a stretch? The Catholics might buy into that idea but I would bet a bean that the SBC and other protestant groups would immediately declare heresy.

Whatever, you're a fine writer and I love this blog.