Wednesday 6 January 2021

'They' focus on outcomes; We should focus on motivations

For the materialist-atheist mind; it is measurable outcomes that matter. 'Outcomes' are what gets monitored, measured and controlled. For example, human behaviour is an outcome - it can be observed, and increasingly is observed. 

Power can substantially control outcomes - by means of incentives and deterrents. And what cannot be controlled can be faked - because, when the focus is on observation and measurement, then the desired observations and measurements can be generated from within The System (this is one of the main roles of 'science').   


If some-thing is Not observed by The System, then - from The System's point of view - it has Not happened and does Not exist; thus it cannot be a problem (even when it affects many individuals, even if it kills many individuals). 

Contrariwise; if The System observes a thing, and defines that thing as a problem - then it is a problem (even when the thing does not exist to individual observation).


What about motivations? Well, for the materialist mind, motivations are something than can be imputed as is expedient. What is the significance of an observation made by The System? The System will tell us...

(The System does not discover the motivation, instead The System defines the motivation - according to Syetm expedience.)

For instance; one person dies in one situation; The System observes this death, tells us the motivations of the individuals involved, and classifies the death as an instance of a global, systemic problem. The System describes how to address that problem, implements the solution; observes and measures the response... 

Another person dies in another situation; but The System does not observe it. Or it tells us that this death  has no general meaning, is an accident; and nothing systemic can - or should - be done about it. This other death is not classified as a problem, it is just the deletion of a personnel unit. This death is excluded from The System.

My point is that The System (which is the product and tool of purposive supernatural evil: of Satan and demons and their servants) is focused on materialistic 'facts' - on outcomes.  Motivations are secondarily manufactured as fake-explanations for the primary observations.

But as Christians - as specifically Romantic Christians, who seek authority outwith The System - that is from the Holy Ghost directly by intuitive prayer and meditation, and from our innate divinity as sons and daughters of God... 

As Romantic Christians we know that outcomes have been captured by The System. Therefore we focus upon motivations; and motivations are either for God, divine creation and The Good; or against these.   

We focus upon motivations - and these are Not inferred from 'outcomes'; but are known directly

And, because God always makes it possible for every person to know The Good; the necessary knowledge of motivations is here-and-now very easy to attain; and is getting easier, as evil gaims more and more dominance over the 'observations'; of this world.


This is Their weakness: That They mistake their own power to dictate outcomes with the actuality of motivation. 

'They' can indeed (pretty much) dictate outcomes; but they cannot direct motivations: They cannot - in particular - direct a person's affilitation for, or against, God. 


Motivation is a choice, but more than a choice: it is a commitment. Motivation is, ultimately, a judgment of truth, and an attitude to that truth.   

If an individual has detached from the power-dominated world of System-endorsed outcomes; including a detachment from his own 'outcomes'/ observable behaviours; then his motivation, commitment, way of thinking (his divine-affiliation) can be free of The System. 

This is the ultimate nature of Man's agency: Because Man is a god (albeit in a temporary and corrupt form); his true self is divine, and cannot be compelled. 

Indeed; Man's true self cannot be compelled even by God; much less by Satan. 


We do not have much power to control our own behavioural outcomes. But, we have the inalienable power - hence the absolute responsibility - to choose our affiliation and motivations.  

Therefore, I suggest that we resist all attempts to induce us onto the grounds of mainstream demonic materialism with its manufactured 'facts' and contrived pseudo-explanatory imputed 'motivations' ; and instead we should seek discover, encourage, strengthen our awareness of that indomitable divine self within. 

Our divine self knows true facts without observations, knows motivations without being told. What it knows may well be very simple, and apparently dysfunctional ('dysfunctional' in terms of immediate adaptation to this System-created virtual world)... 

But so long as we have both chosen to commit to the side of God, and are also motivated towards the resurrected eternal life in Heaven; then no worldly facts and considerations can make any difference - if we do not 'invite them in'. 


(And even if we do, in a moment of weakness, invite evil to cross our mental threshold; evil can always be expelled by the infinite power of repentance; that is, by recognising and affirming the Truth.)


We cannot lose, ultimately; so long as we know Good and our motivation is to win salvation. We can only lose salvation if we personally make that decision.    


Anonymous said...

"We can only lose salvation if we personally make that decision."

Yes, that is a very encouraging...A good mantra for times when this evil world routinely induces one to doubt the reality of the nose on their own face!


Gary Bleasdale said...

I agree with the content of this post - I don´t think any honest Christian can sincerely deny what is written there.

I´ve been receiving the strong impression lately, that reading/watching the news and commentary on the news in Social Media is something which has become extremely toxic - you literally damage your spiritual "body" by engaging in it. Even when it is Social Media or News which stands on the side of God.

And that there is no way around this - no way to consume "news" or commentary on the "news" via social media which is not extremely toxic.

That I must learn to trust God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost as the only authoritative sources of what I should be doing, without even considering what´s in the news. Having faith that I don´t need to be engaging in the news in any way in order to be able to take care of my own life and my family´s life in a satisfactory mannner.

This is a radical departure from how I´ve been acting up until now, where my assumption was that News and News Commentary was a "necessary evil", which can be read with a critical eye in order to know "what´s coming" and be prepared.

But now I am sure that this is not the case, and that complete disengagement (unless specifically indicated by the Spirit at some point) is the right attitude, together with complete trust in the Authority and Word of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost and will lead to much better Spiritual outcomes.

This post seems to support this impression that I have received.

Sam Spade said...

Amazing post,filled me with joy.

Thank you.